What is a pressure oil filter?

What is a pressure oil filter?

A: Qingdao Ruizhi Pressure Oil Filter is a new type of product used as a food frying machine. It is an upgraded product of traditional food oil filter.

What problems can a pressure oil filter solve for a food factory fried product?

Answer: 1: It is used to solve the problem that the acid price and the excessive peroxide value caused by the starch, pigment and coarse and fine particle impurities caused by the frequent replacement of the edible oil and the product adhesion frying affect the quality control of the fried product line.

2: Filter out the powdery, granular and other solids generated during the frying process of the fryer.

3: Improve the quality of cooking oil.

4: Extend the service life of the oil.

5; reduce production costs.

What is the function of the pressure oil filter?

A: It is mainly used to filter out the powdery, granular and other solids produced during the frying process of the fryer to improve the quality and taste of the edible oil. Extend the service life of oil and reduce production costs. With the continuous development of the food industry, the frying filter has been widely used in the food manufacturing and fast food industries abroad. However, many domestic fast food and fried food practitioners are still not very clear and understand. In order to let everyone know some basic common sense related to oil filter, today we will come together to understand. The effect of the oil filter has the following main points:

1. Improve the appearance of fried foods, make the products not black, and remove black spots

2. Reduce the oil content of the oil residue, reduce the greasy feeling, and the product tastes better.

3. Slow down the acid value of frying oil, so that the shelf life of food is longer

4. Extend the use time of frying oil to save production costs

Some people think that the color of fried foods is darker because the color of the oil is black. In fact, it is a misunderstanding. Correctly speaking, fried foods turn black because they use too much aerosol in the frying oil, but carbonize and adhere to the surface of the food during high-temperature frying. So from the surface, the color of the fried food is getting darker. In severe cases, there are black spots. This is the same principle that we sprinkle black sesame on white bread. The suspended particles just mentioned are very small particles, usually about 5 microns in diameter, while the diameter of human hair is 50 microns. It is conceivable that the diameter of the suspended particles is only one tenth of that of the hair. Such small particles are difficult to precipitate by their own weight and will always be suspended in the oil, so it is called suspended particles. Therefore, it is necessary to use professional filter paper and oil filter to separate the tiny impurities that make our fried food black.

Which industries is the pressure oil filter suitable for?

It is mainly used in various food enterprises such as meat, aquatic products and snack foods as well as other pharmaceutical related industries. Covers chicken, chicken chops, chicken legs, chicken rice, fish fillets, fish fillets, potato chips, French fries, etc., which require oil residue separation after frying.

How much can a pressure oil filter save the company?

Answer: Comparative analysis of pressure filter oil consumption: (experiment of fried breading products)

When the product is fried, according to 10 hours/day, adding 100 kg of oil per hour, the frying machine without oil filter is 1000 kg/day; the pressure filter oil has less than 2 含 oil, and the daily oil saving is 250. About kilograms, the market price of shortening is calculated at 6.5 yuan/kg, and the average daily oil saving price is around 1,600 yuan. In addition, the replacement time of edible oil is extended by more than 80%, and the fuel saving rate is above 35%.

What is the difference between a pressure oil filter and a common oil filter?

Answer: 1. The effect of oil filter is different.

Pressure oil filter: The color change of the oil in the fryer after filtration is obvious. In the case of continuous production, the oil color will not deepen and become cloudy.

Conventional oil filter: The color change of the oil after the oil is filtered is not obvious. In the case of continuous production, the color of the oil becomes black and has a large amount of oil residue.

2. Different oil residue after filtration

Pressure oil filter: dry oil residue, no obvious oil stains.

Traditional oil filter: The oil residue is brown and sticky, and the upper layer is floating oil.

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