At present, Spodoptera exigua and Spodoptera litura are relatively serious. Previous insecticides have developed resistance. Recently, we tested an insecticide called "destroyed insects" and achieved satisfactory results. "Bad Net" is an efficient biomimetic insecticide developed and introduced by the Jiangsu Yixing biochemical plant. It is very effective against Lepidoptera pests such as Spodoptera exigua, Spodoptera littoralis, Ulmocerca citrifolia, Melilotus arboretum Good control effect: The product has the following characteristics: First, it is a bionic pesticide that meets the requirements of green environmental protection and is suitable for the production of pollution-free vegetables. Secondly, it is effective for large and small locusts, but it can also be killed when the worms are large. Third, it does not produce any phytotoxicity on vegetables.4. It is newly marketed and has no resistance for the time being.5.Because it is produced in China and its cost is lower, it is currently a kind of pesticide with lower cost in controlling Spodoptera exigua. "Net" is a biomimetic insecticide. Its mechanism of action is that insects feed on the peeling reaction 6-8 hours after feeding and stop feeding. The insects die of starvation after 3 days. There are also some farmers who look after the second day after spraying. Insects are still moving, thinking that the drug is ineffective, in fact the insects have been poisoned, head down, patiently waited for 1-2 days, insects must die. If you want to see insects die as soon as possible, the farmers can also use Net "mix some quick-acting insecticides Such as the "best match" or "good off Dan" and sprayed together, we can let the pests die faster, and extend the efficacy.

Fresh Onion Specifications:

Size:    5cm-7cm, 7cm-9cm, 9-11cm

Storing and loading:
Temperature: 0-+2`C,
Moisture:    65%,
Ventilation:  15CBM/H

Packing: 5kgs/10kgs/20kgs /mesh bags or as per buyer's requirements.

13 – 14 MT /20` container.

26 – 28 MT/40` container.Payment terms: T/T or L/C Shipment:         

Within 5-7 days after received the deposit.

Supplying Capacity: 20,000 mts/Year

Supply period:      May to next February.

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Fresh Onion

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