The market continues to expand, but the duck and duck breeding industry is faced with the bottleneck of "scattered", "defective" and "small". Zhu Hongxia, deputy director of the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and senior animal clerk, believes that as long as the duck breeding methods and methods are properly changed, the breeding prospects of duck breeding are still promising. According to the data, at present, there are about 11 million breeding ducks in Ningbo, with an annual output of 89,900 tons of duck eggs, accounting for nearly half of the province's total duck eggs, and duck and duck industry output value of more than 500 million yuan; duck processing companies have four Fifty families have annual processing and sales of 15,000 tons of egg products. However, the “bottleneck” that restricts the development of the duck and duck industry is more serious. The first is "scatter." The duck-raising industry is scattered among thousands of households, and the level of scale is relatively low. By the end of last year, more than 2,000 farmers raised more than 60% of the total population of the city. Followed by "陋". Take several bamboo sheds along the riverway as a poultry house, the breeding environment is not closed and isolated, the breeding density is too high, the hygiene standards are low, the management method is extensive, and mixed breeding of livestock and poultry can easily cause epidemics. The last is "small." The processing capability of the egg products is small, and only the preserved eggs such as preserved eggs and salted eggs are processed in the deep processing, and Other products using eggs as raw materials have not yet been developed. According to Zhu Hongxia, 70% of the world's waterfowl are farmed in China, so duck breeding is our advantage. It is imperative to change the feeding method. First, we must vigorously promote the conservation of ducks and dry land. Ducks in dryland areas can block pollution, increase duck resistance to bird flu and other diseases, and increase egg production. Second, it is necessary to rationally lay out the duck breeding industry in the city and implement appropriate scale farming. Using hill slopes to promote moderate-scale dryland farming, farmers need to start from their own reality and do not think that the more they raise, the better. Third, we must promote the application of technology, standardize production, and create more specialty brands into supermarkets and foreign exchange. Development of duck breeding industry, but also elongated egg industry chain. Experts said that if duck eggs can jump out of small circles such as selling fresh eggs, salted eggs, preserved eggs, and quail eggs, duck eggs are used as raw materials such as egg powder, egg white cosmetics, protein low-fat foods, and liquid eggs. Drinks, etc., have opened another door to the international market for the duck and duck breeding industry.

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