Sowing time: generally after the middle of January can be sowed.

Nutrition bag nursery method: Select fertile, loose vegetable field soil seedbed. Deeply roll over the rice for 1 week, smash the soil, and use a sieve to sieve out the fine soil for the nutrition bag. The seedbed is made up of 1.2 meters of net surface and 30 centimeters of wide surface, made into a high and low profile, and flattened. Put the nutrition bag on the sifted fine soil, firstly put 2/3 bags of soil, put the seeds into it, put 4 seeds per bag, and then continue to load the soil, fill the nutrition bag, and discharge it neatly in the nursery bed. . Spray the water with a spray bucket, then check the nutrition bag, wash the nutritious soil with water to make the cover soil too thin or the seed exposed, fill up the soil, cover the nutrition bag with a layer of straw or loose hair, and finally cover Flat film, compacted with soil around the membrane.

Seedbed Management: Regularly check, once budding, timely ventilate the seedlings, remove the cover, and change the flat membrane to a small arch. In the event of a sudden drop in temperature, a straw mat was placed outside the small arch to prevent frost.

Field cultivation technology

Transplanting time: After mid-February or when the seedlings have 1 leaf and 1 heart, they can be transplanted one after another.

Field production: deep-turning the sun for 1 week, with 2 tons of farmyard fertilizer applied deep into the soil, fine soil. According to 1.8 meters net face, 30 centimeters wide, made high and low. Set the planted ponds on the raft and mark them as a wide and narrow row. When playing wide rows, use a 45 cm row spacing to plant a colonization pond in the middle of each ravine; when the narrow row is played, press each row at a distance of 1.50.45 meters. 2way planting pond.

Transplanting method: When planting mu, use 5-10 kilograms of compound fertilizer, spread it in the seeding pond and mix with the soil, and survive 4 seedlings of the nutrition bag for each transplanting. Cover and compact the membrane on the surface of the seedling to break the membrane. The lentil seedlings were picked out and the colonization pond was finally drenched with water.

Cultivating management

Top dressing: 20 days after transplanting, 5 mu of urea (or large manure) and 10 kg of compound fertilizer are applied to water. The lentils were poured 1-2 times before harvesting the lentil. After the lentils were harvested, they were topdressed once every 15 days. Dosage: 5-10 kilos of urea (or large manure) + 10-30 kilograms of compound fertilizer were poured on the water. Shi. According to the growth of lentil plants, timely watering.

Plant Adjustment: After the lentils have survived, the piles are piled up and placed on the pile. Each pond is inserted with three piles, and the top of the pile is tightly tied with a wire. Finally, the top of the pile on each side of the bowl is connected with a solid wire to facilitate the growth of the lentil vines. When lentils enter the vigorous growing season, they often hit the leaves, mainly to remove the dense leaves, diseases, insects, and old leaves, and to cover the flowers and bear the leaves of the lentils so as to reduce nutrient consumption and increase air and light transmission. Lentils grow.

Pest Control:

1 Haricot bean rust, brown spot control: Mu 70% thiophanate-methyl 100 grams or 37% Difenoconazole 20 grams of water 60 kg spray control.

2 Control of Hyphantria californica, Syrphidae, and H. assulta: Use 3.3-30% avicinol chloride for 15-30 grams or 30% Acetochlor for 40-60 milliliters for spraying 60 kilograms of water.

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