Winter conservation of garden trees directly affects the ornamental value and economic value of garden trees in the following year. Winter maintenance of garden trees should pay attention to the following aspects:

First, timely frozen water

The entire life process of garden trees is inseparable from water. Although the amount of evaporation in winter is small and the water demand is relatively small, it affects the cold resistance of garden trees and the growth and development in the coming year. Therefore, in early November, the trees, especially newly planted trees, should be filled with water once. That is, “frozen frozen water”, combined with frozen water after irrigation, raises the mound at the base of the tree. This will not only supply the water needed for the tree itself, but also increase the cold resistance of the trees.

Second, fertilization

When the treetops stop growing in the autumn, a peak of growth occurs in the root system. Therefore, depending on the age of the trees and the length of planting time in the late fall and winter, appropriate organic fertilizers or chemical fertilizers should be applied, and suitable shrubs should be used to infiltrate the fertilizers so as to promote new roots and increase tree vigor so as to lay a foundation for growth and development in the coming year. .

Third, shaping pruning

According to the different application purposes of the garden trees, the correct pruning can be carried out, which can not only adjust the tree shape, but also coordinate the relationship between the underground parts of the ground, promote flowering results, and eliminate pests and diseases. This work can be performed before and after the "winter solstice." If the amount is large, it may be extended to around the Spring Festival. According to the growth characteristics of the trees, the dead branches, the weak branches, the diseased branches, and the like shall be cut out, and the overgrowth of the overgrown branches shall be appropriately retracted to improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions inside the crown. Cultivating an ideal tree shape. For larger wounds, disinfect with drugs and apply lead oil to protect them.

Fourth, trunk white

Trunk whitening in winter can reduce the damage caused by large temperature difference between day and night on the bark on the sunny side, and can eliminate pests that overwinter in the cracks in the bark. The whitening agent formula is composed of 10 parts of quicklime, 1 part of salt, 1 part of sulfur powder and 40 parts of water. This work can be carried out in November.

V. Digging dead trees

Due to various reasons, such as tree ageing, pest infestation, and human damage, some trees have been killed, destroying the overall landscape and affecting the appearance of the city. You can use spare time to evacuation of those irretrievable trees as early as possible, and make additional seedlings of the same size.

Six, clean up the weeds and leaves

Weeds and deciduous trees are not only wintering sites for certain pests and diseases, but also prone to fire in dry, windy winters. Therefore, the weeds and leaves in the green land should be cleaned up and disposed of in a centralized manner, which eliminates the source of diseases and pests and eliminates fire hazards.

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