In winter, it refers to the 10th, 11th, and 12th month of China's lunar calendar. It includes 6 solar terms such as Lidong, Xiaoxue, Daxue, Winter Solstice, Xiaohan, and Dahe. In winter, cold and cold, everything is dying, and the fact that one group is in a state of depression and depression, the first thing people think of is the protection against cold and warmth. Winter health can only be cold and warm on it? What should pay special attention to winter health? How to live a healthy and warm winter? Next, we will focus on these issues to explore winter health.

Health characteristics

â—† In winter, the climate is cold, and cold air is stagnated. It is easy to cause qi and poor blood flow in the human body, causing many old diseases to recur or worsen. Especially the serious life-threatening diseases, such as stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, etc., not only significantly increase the incidence, but also the mortality rate has risen sharply. Therefore, winter health should pay attention to cold.

â—† In winter, human yang collection, blood tends to be inward, skin is dense, water is not easy to leak from the body surface, and the kidneys and bladders are vaporized, and part of the body fluid becomes body fluid, most of which becomes water. Note that the bladder becomes urine, which virtually increases the burden on the kidneys and can easily lead to nephritis, enuresis, urinary incontinence, and edema. Therefore, winter health should pay attention to the maintenance of the kidney.

Health method

The important principle of winter health is "Keeping the kidney cold." Kidney is the driving force of human life, kidney vitality, strong vitality, the body can adapt to changes in the harsh winter. The key to ensuring kidney vitality is to prevent the invasion of severe cold weather.

Diet rehabilitation

in principle

The winter diet should follow the principle of “Autumn in autumn and winter, kidney and cold,” and “no disturbance and yang”. The diet should be based on yin and yang, and increase calories.

[Healing first]

The cold should be kidney. Kidney is the driving force of human life, and it is the human body's "natural birth." In winter, the body's yang is introverted and the body's physiological activities have also converged. At this point, the kidneys need to be prepared to maintain winter calorie expenditures

Enough energy, but also for the storage of certain energy for the coming year, so at this time of kidney is essential. The diet should always pay attention to the kidney nursed back to health, pay attention to calorie supplements, to eat more animal foods and beans, vitamin supplements and inorganic salts. Dog meat, lamb, goose, duck, soybeans, walnuts, chestnuts, fungus, sesame, sweet potato, radish, etc. are all suitable winter foods.

[Temperature food bogey]

Sticky, cold food is mostly yin, eat this kind of food in winter is easy to damage the spleen and stomach. The overheating of food can easily damage the esophagus. After entering the gastrointestinal tract, it can easily cause the body to accumulate heat and cause illness. If the food is too cold, it can easily stimulate the spleen and stomach blood vessels to make the blood flow poor, and the decrease of blood volume will seriously affect the blood circulation of other organs. Detrimental to human health, therefore, the winter diet should be warm and soft.

[Bitter and salty]

In winter, the function of the kidneys is prosperous. If we eat more salty foods, the kidneys will become more prosperous, which will greatly damage the heart and weaken the heart and affect human health. Therefore, in the winter, eat less salty foods to prevent excessive kidney water; eat more bitter foods to replenish the heart and enhance kidney function; commonly used foods such as betel nut, orange, liver, lamb liver, and rutabaga, Lettuce, vinegar, tea, etc.

Daily living photography

[sleep adjustment]

The winter time should be “early and late to sleep” and the best time to get up is after the sun comes out. Because early sleep can maintain the body's yang, keep the body warm, and can raise the body's yin. When you get up again after sunrise, you can avoid the cold and seek warmth. Don't snooze and sleep when you sleep. The air in the blankets does not circulate, oxygen will be less and less, and over time, the air will become cloudy. People sleeping in such an environment will feel chest tightness, nausea, or awaken from their dreams and sweat. They will feel tired the next day.

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