After the lamb is born, it reaches a certain age. With the constant increase in the levels of various hormones, especially reproductive hormones, and the continuous increase in body weight, the lamb will gradually have reproductive functions. At this point, strictly speaking, the ewes can appear for the first time, we are known as the ewes' puberty. The ram is called sexual maturity.

The ewes' prepubertal period is affected by the following three factors:

1. Variety

Different sheep breeds have different stages of puberty. For example, under the same husbandry and management conditions, goats have a puberty earlier than sheep.

2. Climate

Mainly refers to the natural environmental conditions of the sheep, such as temperature, humidity and light. In general, because the south is warm and humid and the north is cold and dry, the sheep kept in the south are older than the sheep raised in the north under the same breed conditions.

3. Nutrition

The sheep that are well nourished are more in line with the requirements of the breeding sheep than those with poor nutrition. Therefore, generally speaking, the sheep with large body weight are earlier than the sheep with small weight.

In general, the ewes' ecstatic period is 5 to 10 months. At this time, the body weight is 40% to 60% of the adult sheep, and the ram can have the reproductive ability at the age of 6 to 7 months. Sexual maturity.

Regarding the “What drugs can make rams and ewes not estrus” mentioned in the question, in production, it is mainly used in the case of estrus during the same period of fattening commodity sheep and ewes. Here we describe the following:

Fattening commodity sheep

Fattening commercial sheep is not used for sheep breeding. Therefore, we must suppress the breeding behavior of commercial sheep. At present, the method of restraining the reproductive behavior of commodity rams mainly adopts the ram delisting method. According to different circumstances, such methods as castration, ligation, vasectomy, and testicular injection can be used.

Here are two tips to be reminded:

1. The ram's castration is usually performed at 1 to 2 months of age, and it is best to choose to perform it in spring or autumn.

2, ewes generally do not perform icterostomy.

Of course, in theory, the use of some reproductive hormone drugs can also inhibit sheep breeding behavior. For example, the injection of progesterone to the ewes or estrogen injection to the rams can inhibit the reproductive performance of ewes and rams. However, as these reproductive hormones accumulate in the body of sheep, they can cause harm to humans when they are consumed. Therefore, the use of hormone drugs is strictly prohibited in the feeding of commercial sheep.

2. The estrus synchronization technique of ewes

During the implementation of the estrus technology of the ewes in the same period, certain reproductive hormones must be used in order to allow the ewes to achieve the purpose of estrus during the same period and during the same period.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that extracts from certain plants, such as free gossypol and certain herbal extracts, also inhibit sheep breeding behavior. Of course, these substances are harmful to the human body. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use it in the breeding of commercial sheep.

In summary, there are two conclusions:

1. In the cultivation of commercial sheep, in order to curb the reproductive behavior of commercial sheep, it is currently preferable to perform the castration. It is strictly prohibited to inject hormone drugs.

2. In order to rapidly improve the quality and quantity of sheep, the ewes can be used to achieve the purpose of estrus through the action of hormones. In this case, hormone drugs can be used to control the estrus of the ewes. Of course, this requires professional technicians to operate. Here, it is not recommended that ordinary broilers operate on their own.

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