During the cultivation of vegetables, try to use herbicides with a short residual period. According to different types of vegetables and the length of growth period, it is generally better to use a suitable chemical herbicide for a sustained period to reduce pesticide residue contamination and harm to the rear-row vegetables. , And should pay attention to the special sensitivity of chemical herbicides to vegetables, such as cucumber, lettuce to prometryn, trifluralin sensitive; celery, carrot sensitive to Napropamide; leek, green onions and other Liliaceae vegetables and spinach to herbicide ether Sensitive, but sensitive to the fields where the herbicides were used before, and care should be taken when using them to avoid the use of pesticides.

In addition, attention should be paid to dosage forms. In general, vegetable plots should avoid the use of herbicides such as emulsifiable concentrates, suspending agents, smoke agents, and tablets to prevent direct or indirect injury to vegetables.

Glow In Dark Tape

Glow In Dark Tape

1. Material and classification of glow in dark tape

We have PET material glow in dark tape and PVC material glow in dark tape. PET material is cheaper but not printable. PVC material support customized printing with low MOQ.

For both materials, we have different kinds according to the glowing time it can last after full charging (0.5hours charging at least). We have 2hours, 4hour, 6hours, 8hours and 10hours according to the glowing period it can last.

2. Colors for choosing

We have light green, pink, orange, red, blue, white for choosing.

3. Features

a. Good ahesion, we use solvent acrylic adhesive, the adhesive is strong and long lasting.

b. Waterproof. Both PET and PVC material are waterproof. Can used for both indoor and outdoor usage.

c. Long service life: 2~3 years even for outdoor usage.

d. Different sizes for choosing: 1.24m x 45.7m log roll, or other customized sizes such as 25mm/ 50mm x 5meters/ 10yards/ 10meters/ 18meters, etc.

e, Accept die cuting to small pieces such as dots, stars, arrows, etc,

Glow In Dark Tape

Glow In Dark TapeGlow In Dark Tape

Glow In Dark Tape

Glow In Dark TapeGlow In Dark TapeGlow In Dark TapeGlow In Dark Tape

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