Release date: 2012-12-17

Canadian researchers have invented a new type of tattoo sensor. The sensor can detect the change of pH value when the skin produces metabolic stress reaction, measure the degree of human fatigue, and can be applied to fields such as medicine and beauty industry.

Researchers at the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus used the standard tattoo printing papers on the market to "print" the new sensor using standard screen printing technology and electrochemical polymerization of aniline. The shape of this sensor is a smiley face with a built-in ion-selective electrode (ISE) that can be flexibly attached to the human body. The "eyes" of the smiley face have the function of working and reference electrodes, and the "ears" are the contacts that connect the measuring devices.
Previously, medical researchers used similar ISE devices to diagnose metabolic diseases. Physical exercisers used such devices to judge the degree of fatigue or dehydration during training. The cosmetics industry also used it to measure skin secretions, but these devices are bulky. It is difficult to adhere to sweaty skin. The new sensor is small in size, flexible in use, and good in fixation. It can also work continuously when people are training or sweating. It also has the advantage that it is easy to disassemble and can be "wiped off" from the skin with a paper towel soaked in warm water.

Source: Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association website

Smart Heat Meters

Different from ultrasonic heat counters,The Smart Heat Meters are used for heat and cold energy calculation through the water. The smart heat meters can display the accumulated heat, flow rate, instant flow rate, inlet water temperature, outlet water temperature, temperature difference and etc.

The smart heat meter is suitable for measuring the heat exchange, known as the heat transfer fluid or liquid absorbing thermal energy conversion equipment, which consists of a flow sensor, temperature sensor and heat calculator(heat meter counters) three parts. The smart heat meters are also known as smart energy meters.

The smart heat meter is used to measure and display the water flow through the heat exchange system release or absorb heat. The smart heat meters are installed at the inlet pipe or outlet pipe to measure accurate metering and intelligent control of charges of the heat consumption. Its working principle is to install the smart heat meters in the heat exchange system, when water flows through the system, according to the supply and return water flow temperature, from the data from the flow sensors and temperature sensor as well as the water flow time, the smart heat meter will calculate the released and absorbed energy through the calculator.

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