Years ago, there was a gathering and a party, especially for many business people. If you really don’t want to drink, you’ll have to drink a few glasses with your head. How can you not get drunk?

Nutritionist teaches you ten tricks

1. Drink a glass of milk before drinking, or eat a few slices of bread, do not drink on an empty stomach, so as not to stimulate the gastric mucosa;

2. It is estimated that drinking alcohol for a long time, taking Vb group in advance until gradually decreased entertainment to protect the liver. You can also consciously eat more Vb group animal liver, pork, mutton, egg, vegetables, oats and other coarse grains, in order to increase the body Vb content;

3. When drinking white wine, drink plenty of boiled water to facilitate the excretion of alcohol as soon as possible with the urine. When drinking beer, it is important to go to the toilet. It is best to add ice cubes when drinking spirits.

4. Drinking should not be too fast, you should drink slowly, so that the body has time to break down the body of ethanol. Penalty liquor on the wine table or a boring drunken drink;

5. Eat more liver such as pig liver when drinking to improve the body's ability to detoxify ethanol;

6. Eat green leafy vegetables when drinking alcohol, where antioxidants and vitamins protect the liver;

7. Eat more soy products when drinking alcohol, in which lecithin can protect the liver.

8. It is advisable to temporarily stop drinking when tired.

9. Do not drink after taking medicine, especially after taking sleeping pills, sedatives and cold medicines;

10. Don't drink carbonated drinks such as cola, soda, etc. when you drink, so as not to accelerate the body's absorption of alcohol.

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