There are many reasons for the thick and hollow watermelon rind, which are mainly related to climate and fertilization techniques. Watermelon has a short growing period and a large amount of growth. Therefore, watermelon needs a large amount of fertilizer, and the use of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer must be reasonably coordinated. Generally dominated by organic fertilizer (80%), supplemented by chemical fertilizers. Base fertilizer should be the main fertilizer, accounting for 60% to 70% of the total fertilization, supplemented by top dressing, accounting for 30% to 40% of the total amount of fertilizer. After testing, borax can prevent and cure hollow disease, and increasing the amount of boron fertilizer can make the transportation of nutrients unimpeded reach the fruit and become a thin, solid, high-quality melon. 100 grams of borax per acre with melon field, first dissolved with a small amount of hot water plus 50 kilograms of water, sprayed on the leaves before watermelon flowering 1 or 2 times, can also be applied to the hole in the cultivation of watermelon suitable borax, per acre With borax 1 ~ 1.5 kg. During fruit enlargement, watermelon often ends prematurely due to lack of water and enters the mature stage. As a result, the cells are not enriched, causing the cell wall to rupture, resulting in hollow watermelon. It should generally be grasped that watering before sitting is small and the number of times is small. Increase the amount of watering and increase the number of watering after the melon recoil, and pour it once every 3~5 days. Gully irrigation can be used to gradually increase from less to more, must not be eager to achieve, until the watermelon mature 5~7 The sky can stop.


High Flow Nasal Cannula(HFNC) oxygen therapy is a form of non –invasive respiratory support, which comprises an air oxygen blender, an active humidifier, a single heated circuit and a nasal cannula. It delivers adequately heated and humidified medical gas up to 10-60L/min, and is considered to have a number of physiological effects: reduction of anatomical dead space, PEEP effect, constant fraction of inspired oxygen and good humidification.
It is widely used in RICU and ICU.

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