Ascend is generally referred to as folk mountain climbing. As a kind of physical exercise, the health effects of ascending are: to increase lung ventilation and vital capacity, increase blood circulation, increase cerebral blood flow, and increase urinary acidity. Ascending in the autumn, due to the unique climate, changes in meteorological elements have some special benefits for human physiology. In mountain climbing, as the height rises within a certain range, the hydrogen ions in the atmosphere and the content of negative oxygen ions called “air vitamins” become more and more, and the decrease in air pressure can promote a series of changes in human physiological functions. , Asthma and other diseases can also play a role in adjuvant therapy, and can reduce blood sugar, increase hemoglobin and red blood cell counts in patients with anemia. Ascends in the autumn and the temperature changes most frequently. This is beneficial to human health itself: it keeps the body's thermoregulatory mechanism constantly in tension, thereby improving the body's ability to adapt to changes in the environment. (Autumn freezing in Chinese medicine also includes This means). Of course, for the elderly and the infirm, we must not emphasize this health effect. We must avoid climbing in the morning and evening when the temperature is low, and the speed of climbing should be slow. When we go up and down, we can increase or decrease clothes to meet the purpose of air temperature. Patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc. must do more to prevent accidents.


Jogging is also an ideal fall sport that can enhance blood circulation and improve heart function; it can improve brain blood supply and oxygen supply to brain cells, relieve cerebral arteriosclerosis, and enable the brain to work normally. Running can also effectively stimulate metabolism, increase energy consumption, and help to lose weight and bodybuilding. For the elderly, running can greatly reduce the muscle atrophy and obesity caused by inactivity; reduce the aging of the heart and lungs; reduce cholesterol, reduce arteriosclerosis, and contribute to longevity. Recently, scientists have also found that insisting on joggers has less chance of getting cancer. Of course, the jogging process is actually experiencing an "air bath." If people are often in the dirty air, they will feel mental fatigue, weakness, and work efficiency. Therefore, whether it is a healthy person or a sick person, it is better to go outdoors for more activities and breathe more fresh air. The autumn is a great time to get out of the house and go to exercise in nature. In the course of a day, if people take 1-2 hours to breathe fresh air outside, and then take a jog for about 40 minutes, not only will they have fewer illnesses, but they will also have better constitution and more energy.

Cold bath

The so-called cold water bath is a bath with cold water between 5-20°C. The natural water temperature in autumn is within this range. The health care effect of the cold water bath is very obvious. First of all, it can strengthen the nervous excitement function, make the spirit refreshed after bathing, the brain is clear. Second, the cold water bath can enhance the body's ability to resist diseases. It is called "blood gymnastics." Third, the cold bath also helps to enhance digestive function, and it has certain effects on chronic gastritis, gastroptosis, constipation and other illnesses. Adjuvant treatment. Cold water bathing must take a step-by-step approach: Fall temperatures gradually decrease and the body gradually adapts to cold and cold water, so that in late autumn and winter, cold baths do not feel too cold. The cold water bath should be gradual, including from the local to the body part of the bath, the water temperature from high to low and the bath time from short to

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