1. Select seeds from the disease-free plants and soak them in warm water at 50°C-52°C for 20 minutes, remove them after drying and sow them; or use 70% thiophanate-methyl wettable powder for seed dressing.

2. Soil disinfection of seedbed can be sprayed with 98% hymexazide WP 3000 times solution seedling bed or 70% thiophanate-methyl wettable powder 3 ~ 5 kg, mixed with fine soil 40 ~ 60 kg, 2/3 drug earth evenly Spread on the surface of the prepared seedbed, 1/3 of the soil cover the seeds. Can also be used per square meter with 40% seed powder 8 grams, with 40% of the United States and 8 grams of the same amount mixed 40kg bauxite, spread 1/3 of the drug on the surface, so the other 2 after sowing 3 The soil is covered with seeds.

3, the application of adequate maturity farmyard fertilizer, high ridge cultivation, transplanting healthy seedlings; strengthen management after planting, to avoid water accumulation in the field, timely removal of heavy strains.

4. Can be sprayed more than 60% at the beginning of the disease? Fuyou wettable powder 600 times, or 70% chlorothalonil wettable powder 600 times, or 45% tetrodol suspension 1000 times, or 80% wettable powder 600 times spray, 7 to 10 days 1 Times, spray 2 to 3 times, stop using drugs 7 days before harvest.

5, with non-cruciferous vegetables for more than 3 years of rotation.

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