1. The whole pot of soup is stored: if you can't drink it at the time, you can pour it in a thermos bottle, or cool it in the room temperature, put it in the refrigerator, and heat it before drinking.

2. Grease removal: If there is too much grease on the surface of the soup, use a kitchen towel to gently remove grease from the soup, or cool the soup thoroughly. The fat will float or solidify on the noodles. Roll the soup over.

3. The remaining soup: Most people think that nutrition has been integrated into the soup. After the soup is finished, it is not necessary to abandon the meat inside. In fact, regardless of the length of the soup, non-water-soluble nutrients in the meat cannot be dissolved in the soup. Therefore, after the soup is finished, the meat from the soup can be taken out and soused, onion, ginger, Peppers and other spices are blended into moromi and the taste is still delicious.

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