1. The cleanliness of the surface of the eggshell should not include fecal material, dirt, etc. on the surface of the eggshell. Otherwise, the pathogenic microorganisms in the dirt will invade the egg, causing deterioration of the egg. Or because the dirt plugs pores, hindering the gas exchange of eggs, affecting the hatching rate. At the same time, the machine is contaminated during the incubation process. If there are a few eggs that are lightly contaminated, they must be treated before they are hatched before hatching.

2, the size of shape, egg shape should be required to be normal, oval, too long round, two sharp and other county is not suitable for the use of eggs, egg weight should meet the requirements of the species, the amplification is too small is not good, the egg weight is too small to pay Smaller ducklings, overweight egg weight, low hatching rate. Large meat duck eggs generally 85 ~ 95 grams is appropriate.

3, to ensure that the fresh eggs, the shorter the storage time of the eggs as possible, to store 7 days is appropriate, 3 to 5 days for the best preservation period. The hatching rate of the eggs within two weeks can maintain a certain hatching rate. If it exceeds two weeks, the hatching period will be postponed, the hatching rate will be reduced, and the young ducklings will be more vulnerable. The degree of freshness of eggs is not only related to the preservation time, but also related to the preservation of temperature, humidity, methods, etc.

4. The structure of the eggshell is dense and uniform with normal surface and moderate thickness. Eggshell thickness is generally 0.035-0.04 mm. When the egg shell is too thick and hard, it will be heated slowly when it is hatched, the water should not evaporate, the gas exchange is bad, and the shell is broken. When it is too thin, the water evaporates too quickly and the hatching rate decreases. Eggshell structure is not uniform, rough surface, etc. are not suitable for use as eggs.

5, the source of eggs should first pay attention to the quality of ducks, choose those who have stable genetic properties, excellent production performance, high fertility, good health of duck eggs.

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