Flammulina velutipes only has a long, stipe-free cap, a common name for Mushroom witcheschie, or Mushroom, which is a non-invasive physiological disease. When the cultivation bag or the mushroom bottle is transferred from the growth of mycelium to the formation stage of the fruit body, the mushroom bud clusters, and only the long stipe does not form the cap of the mushroom. When the length of the stipe reaches a certain length, the tip produces branching and the small branch grows. After a certain period of time, branches are formed, and the longer the smaller branches, the weaker and sagging, and the formation of a cluster of shriveled hyphae, unlike the normal growth of the fruiting stalk, which grows upward, and the top of the fruit body expands to form a cap. The cap was arrested in the young form when the primordia developed, its diameter is about 1-2 mm. The whole mushroom body was whisker-shaped, the individual mushroom body was short and sharp, and the sterile cap was slightly thicker in the middle and lower part, resembling a needle. The growth of fruiting bodies was severely inhibited with almost no yield.

The cause of the disease:

This is due to poor ventilation of the mushroom farm, high concentration of carbon dioxide, excessive humidity, will inhibit the growth of the cap, this disease is more common in air-raft shelters, tunnels and other planting places where the ambient air does not circulate. When the mycelium grows to a certain stage and turns to a fruit body, the bag or bottle is planted. After the primordium appears, proper ventilation and light stimulation shall be maintained, and the humidity of the mushroom house shall be reduced. If this stage is in the bottle mouth, Accumulation of carbon dioxide gas inside and outside the bag mouth is too high, oxygen deficiency and lack of weak light stimulation, coupled with excessive humidity, resulting in abnormal growth of fruiting bodies, only long stipe does not form a cap, and continue to produce branches at the top.

Control methods:

Mushrooms should have good ventilation conditions. After the bottle-planting mushroom is formed on the fruit body primordium, it is first necessary to carry out the 3-5-day mushroom forming culture, and then bagging the long mushroom. After bagging, the bag should be moved up and down 1-2 times a day. In the early stage of the growth of the fruit body, it is necessary to strengthen the ventilation and reduce the carbon dioxide concentration in the bag mushroom. The cover can be opened to maintain enough fresh air in the bag to promote the differentiation of the cap and thickening of the stipe. After the normal development of the cap, the mushroom is managed according to the cultivation and management methods of the mushroom. Once the growth of the mushroom bud is found to be abnormal and the tip of the stipe is bifurcated and drooping, it must be promptly removed to recreate the environmental conditions conducive to the formation of the fruit body and still grow normally.

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