Recently, a netizen on Weibo said that tomatoes contain nicotine, and raw tomatoes are equal to passive smoking. In this regard, experts said that eating raw tomatoes without pesticides will not affect health.

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed Professor Hu Kailin of South China Agricultural University. He specialized in research on tomato breeding. He told reporters that in his research, he has not found that tomatoes contain nicotine, and even if they do, their content is extremely small and will not cause harm to the human body.

He believes that the popularity of vegetables such as tomatoes, after eating for 100 years, is a healthy food, has not found any examples of harmful to the human body, do not have to doubt its safety.

However, for whether it is suitable for eating, Hu Kailin said that if the planting is pure and natural, and no pesticides are used, then it is possible to eat raw food. However, whether or not pesticides can be determined for the current domestic tomatoes, it is still as safe as possible. There are also some vegetables, such as lentils, which, because they contain alkaline substances, do not cook well and do have health effects.

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