Lodging has a greater impact on soybean production. The heavier the lodging, the greater the reduction in production, the earlier the lodging, and the more reduction in production. Occurrence of soybean lodging is usually caused by overgrowth of plants. First, according to the characteristics of planting species and local environmental conditions, determine a reasonable planting density and planting methods, the density of fertile plots should not be too large; second, rational fertilization, the coordination of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium ratio, avoid excessive nitrogen fertilizer; Third, timely The cultivator promotes the development of soybean roots and enhances the lodging resistance of soybeans. Fourth, it is suitable for the application of plant growth regulators based on the growth of local soybeans and weather conditions. The role of regulators is mainly to reduce plant height and internode length, increase stem diameter, thus enhancing soybean lodging resistance.

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