Customers will show a variety of attitudes, which are uncontrollable factors. As a medical representative, the only thing you can control is your own, your performance, your charisma. In order to motivate and constrain customers, pharmaceutical investment promotion personnel will achieve their own goals through a variety of different channels.

First of all, profit is first consciousness: Profit is the fundamental of enterprise's survival and the ultimate goal pursued by enterprise management. With the price reduction of medicines, the profit margin of medicines has been further compressed, and the notion that “as long as there is a profit on product sales” has become obsolete. Pharmaceutical companies are "taking marketing as the core" rather than "taking the marketing department as the core". Pharmaceutical investment is to make full use of various methods and social resources for investment promotion and market development in medicine, and to provide medicines and services to the market, closely link manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to achieve mutual benefits and create the most The benefits.

Second, persist in the unremitting consciousness: after the strategy is formulated, the simpler the better the method of selection, this is both easy to operate and can be adhered to. The Medicine Investment Promotion Network pointed out that medicines are a special commodity, and they must have a network of experts. They must have a basis for sales networks and must have a consumer base. Pharmaceutical investment personnel should first protect the market and ensure market stability is the basis of cooperation. For pharmaceutical marketers to understand the market from the development point of view, we must affirm that the products are from scratch, whether it is the development of science and technology is the progress of society.

The last is the consciousness of mathematical management: Marketing is mathematics, not literature! Marketing management is a science that requires data to be measured. The pharmaceutical agency network indicates that the management of the pharmaceutical regional market should be digital management and should not be a written description. In order to successfully invest in medicine, you must learn how to locate pharmaceutical investment. The position of pharmaceutical investment merchants in the industry, the positioning of the pharmaceutical investment model, and the positioning of individual roles.

Pharmaceutical Investment Analysis Only the pharmaceutical companies can use profit as their core to accurately estimate sales volume, rigorously arrange production, timely product distribution, rational use of resources, and unified sales and marketing strategies and marketing methods. Coordination, these will eventually reflect the amount of profit.

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