Family hereditary: Family history of hereditary breast cancer can be expressed in two forms: one is breast cancer in the mother, and the other is breast cancer in her daughter. The onset is mild and often occurs before menopause, mostly bilateral; One is that the mother has not had breast cancer, but in one family, at least two sisters have breast cancer. The incidence of breast cancer in this family is 2-3 higher than that in families without family history. Times, and this type of breast cancer often occurs after amenorrhea, often unilateral;

Menstrual factors: The menarche age is earlier than 12 years, the risk of breast cancer is 2.2 times larger than that of the 17-year-old; menopause later than 50 years old, the risk of breast cancer after the menopause is 45-year-old increases about 1 time .

Excessive abortion: normal spontaneous abortion does not increase the risk of breast cancer, and repeated abortions, or multiple abortions before the age of 18, are prone to cause breast disease and increase the risk of breast cancer.

Artificial feeding: Breastfeeding is one of the best natural means of preventing breast cancer. Breastfeeding can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by 20% to 30%.

Poor quality of life: Breast disease is closely related to sexual life. Women's sexual depression can increase the incidence of breast lobular hyperplasia and breast cancer. According to domestic surveys, 86% of women with lobular hyperplasia have never reached orgasm in their sexual life; the older the first marriage age, the higher the incidence of breast cancer.

Depression: Among single women, left-over ladies, public relations ladies, retired women workers and some secondary school teachers, there are more breast diseases and the incidence of breast cancer is also high. Because these women are prone to nervous anxiety, loneliness, sadness, depression, disappointment, irritability and other depression, long-term stimulation of bad mood, the body's life rhythm disorders, dysfunction of the neuroendocrine system, resulting in internal environmental imbalance, immune When the force is decreased, the thymosin produced and released by the thymus is reduced, and the monitoring ability and phagocytic ability of the lymphocytes and macrophages on the mutant cells in the body are decreased, and cancer is prone to occur.

Obesity: Obesity is closely related to breast cancer. The precocious puberty of girls is a bane for future breast cancer. The incidence of cancers such as breast cancer in obese people is 3.45 times higher than that in non-obese people. Because of excessive fat accumulation, the production of estrogen is increased. The excess estrogen is lipidized and stored in adipose tissue, and is continuously released into the bloodstream. , stimulate the breast tissue, over time, easy to cause breast cancer. In addition, most of the obese people have hypercholesterolemia and hyperinsulinemia. After the increase of cholesterol in the body, the cholesterol levels of cell membranes such as lymphocytes and macrophages increase, inhibiting the immune function.

Bad habits: Smoking, alcoholism are fashionable, go to nightclubs, dance halls, and immersed in lights and wines, like to eat fried foods and all kinds of sweets. But to coarse grains and vegetables, they never touch; Single, or married after 30 years of age, gave birth to children do not want to nurse; some women wear brassieres too tight or too loose, lost the role of protection of the breast.

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