Dimple sign: As the name implies, it is just like people's dimples appear on their cheeks when they are laughing. It is caused by cancer tissue invading the breast Cooper's ligament. Even when the disease is very early, this sign may appear. In general, the "dimple sign" appears in cases of inflammation, breast trauma, or surgical history, and the possibility of cancer is extremely high. Examination method: The patient was supine, and the four fingers outside the thumb were placed side by side on the side of the mass, and then the mass was pushed to the other side to observe the mass and the epidermis around it. Can you find out if there is any dimple?

Orange peel phenomenon: If the skin of the breast changes like an orange peel, it is highly vigilant for breast cancer. Because the cancer tissue invades the subcutaneous lymphatic network, it will cause the skin lymphatic drainage obstacles, thus forming a number of enlarged dot holes in the skin follicles, the appearance of "orange peel" in general. It is often the performance of advanced breast cancer. However, in the period of acute inflammation of the breast, orange peel may also occur and it must be identified.

Nipple retraction: The nipple is tall and straight due to the support of tissues such as smooth muscle and mammary ducts. However, if the supporting tissue is stunted, the nipple will shrink. If the cancer tissue invades the supporting tissues underneath it, supportive tissue contractions will occur and the nipple retraction will be involved. Therefore, if you find that the nipple is slowly retracted and cannot be repositioned, especially if it is accompanied by a mass, it is highly vigilant for breast cancer.

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