The roots of cucumbers are shallow, and one of the main reasons for the slow growth of cucumbers in winter is that the ground temperature cannot be raised. The author has done an experiment that after the removal of the old leaves, the ground temperature after the ground is exposed to sunlight is 1~2°C higher than the daytime when the soil surface is covered. Do not underestimate this 1 ~ 2 °C, low temperature period, obviously see the growth of plants fast, so I always insist on winter cucumbers hit the leaves, increase the ground light.

The measures for increasing the illumination of the ground are not single. For example, straw curtains should be exposed as early as possible, and the shed film should be frequently wiped to increase the light intensity of the shed. At the same time, attention should be paid to the adjustment of the plants in the greenhouse. The old leaves and the remaining leaves in the lower part should be eliminated as soon as possible. For plants that are too tight, the leaves should be thinned to increase the intensity of illumination.

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