Next year, the "New Rural Cooperative" and the basic financial insurance for urban residents will be raised to 240 yuan per year; the basic pension for enterprise retirees will continue to increase. Yesterday, Minister of Finance Xie Xuren made the above statement at the National Financial Work Conference.

Income Distribution

Raise the income of low-income groups

The distribution of income is related to the people's "money bag." Xie Xuren pointed out at the meeting that next year China will support the establishment of a normal salary increase for enterprise employees and a payment security mechanism. Increase the scale of financial assistance and increase the income of urban and rural residents, especially low- and medium-income people. In 2012, the proportion of residents' income in the distribution of national income will be gradually increased, and the proportion of labor remuneration in initial distribution will be increased.


Series of policies to support pre-school education

Xie Xuren stressed that next year will further increase the proportion of financial and educational expenditures in public financial expenditures, and ensure that the country’s fiscal education spending accounts for 4% of GDP.

Next year, we will also implement a series of policies for fiscal support for pre-primary education development, with emphasis on supporting the development of pre-school education in rural areas in central and western regions and in difficult areas in the east. Support to solve the problem of compulsory education for migrant workers in the city. We will implement the nutrition improvement plan for rural compulsory education students in areas that are particularly contiguous and have special difficulties. We will also give appropriate compensation to local nutrition improvement programs.

Medical treatment

Will increase the reimbursement level appropriately

Xie Xuren said that next year China will actively promote the convergence of various basic medical insurance systems, raise the financial subsidy standard for new rural cooperative medical care and basic medical insurance for urban residents to 240 yuan per person per year, and appropriately increase the level of reimbursement.

Social insurance

Pension insurance will cover all aspects

Xie Xuren said that next year China will implement full coverage of the new rural social endowment insurance and the urban residents social endowment insurance system.

In order to increase the basic pension for enterprise retirees for seven consecutive years and the per capita monthly level to more than 1,500 yuan, Xie Xuren said that next year China will continue to increase the basic old-age pension for enterprise retirees. In addition, the minimum subsistence allowance for urban and rural residents will be appropriately raised. The central government will increase the subsidy by RMB 15 per person per month and RMB 12 per person respectively.

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