How to plant cucumbers in deep winter greenhouses Before planting, spread over 6,000 kg of high-quality soil miscellaneous fertilizer per acre, preferably cow manure, pig manure, chicken manure compost, deep-turn 40 cm, break up clods, make feces and soil Blend evenly. After flattening the ground, a person is bowed in the front corner of the greenhouse. On the north side walkway, a person takes a wooden stick or a bamboo pole with 50 cm and 70 cm marks, and then plays with a string on the side. Line, then press 50 cm, 70 cm alternating line. After hitting the line, use the rake to open the ditch from the south to the north to form a 50 cm small row and a 70 cm wide row. In the ditch, planting seedlings were planted at a plant spacing of 25-27 cm; the distance between the south plants was appropriately reduced and the plant spacing at the north increased. One day before cutting, the seedlings were flooded with water in the seedbed to ensure that they were not cut off. Remove containers from container nursery. When the seedlings are planted, they must undergo strict selection, removing weak seedlings, aging seedlings, and injured seedlings, and selecting uniform seedlings of the same size to be planted. The depth of planting seedlings should be less than 1 cm above the ridge surface of the ridge seedlings. Because the seedlings can't be watered, they should use the earthworms to ditch the soil between the rows to form a ditch on both sides of the planting ditch, and then fill the planting water. Each seedling is watered with L5 kg. After the water seeps, the earth ridges can be taken from the rows with a trench. After cultivating the ridges, use a small wooden board with a length of 25 to 30 centimeters to flatten the ridges, and then cover 90 to 100 centimeters of mulch on two ridges of 50 centimeters. The way to cover the film is to put two square stools upside down on the north sidewalk. The legs of the stool are up and the plastic film is tied on the stool legs. Two people pull up the plastic film to the front bottom corner to bury the south end of the plastic film in the soil. Reach the aisle with a razor blade, and then use a blade to open a longitudinal hole in the position of each cucumber. Take the cucumber seedlings out of the membrane and place the membrane in the mouth. In order to increase the ground temperature, it is sometimes not only to cover the mulch between 50 cm rows, but also to cover the 70 cm large rows of mulches, which is beneficial to reducing the air humidity and increasing the temperature. The disadvantage is that due to comprehensive coverage, the carbon dioxide produced by the decomposition of organic matter by soil microorganisms cannot be fully released into the space. In order to increase the fertilizer efficiency of basal fertilizer, 50 kg of diammonium phosphate per acre is applied before the watering, which is applied between the cucumber seedlings.

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Moisturizing agent is an essential raw material for cream cosmetics. Its function is to prevent the paste from drying and keep the skin moist; Preservatives and antioxidants can inhibit the growth of microorganisms during the shelf life of cosmetics and consumer use; Spices, increase the fragrance of cosmetics, improve the value of products; Common natural additives include hydrolyzed gelatin, hyaluronic acid, superoxide dismutase (SOD), royal jelly, silk fibroin, mink oil, pearl, aloe, Maifanshi, organic germanium, pollen, alginic acid, seabuckthorn, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.

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Sodium Hyaluronic Acid Powder


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Alpha Arbutin, Cosmetic Grade Product, is mainly extracted from the leaves of bearberry. α- Arbutin can also be found in some fruits and other plants. It has the effect of brightening the skin. It can be used in high-grade cosmetics, such as skin care cream, freckle cream, high-grade pearl cream, etc. it can not only make skin care, but also reduce inflammation and anti irritation. Ellagic acid, it has many bioactive functions, such as antioxidant, anticancer, antimutagenic and anti HIV. In addition, ellagic acid is also an effective coagulant, which has a good inhibitory effect on a variety of bacteria and viruses. It can protect the wound from the invasion of bacteria, prevent infection and inhibit ulcer. At the same time, ellagic acid also has antihypertensive and sedative effects. Glycyrrhizic acid, an organic compound, can be used as Sweetener, flavoring agent and flavor enhancer. Using in skin care products can enhance the efficacy of other active substances in sunscreen, whitening, antipruritic, conditioning and scar healing. Sepiwhite Msh Powder is a kind of melanin stimulating hormone( α- MSH receptor antagonist, mainly used in cosmetics as a whitening agent.

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