After early sowing of seedlings and seedlings, the seedlings were sown that due to the low temperature, they should quickly seize the facilities and quickly raise the seedlings. Only 3 to 4 main stems of late wheat were sown before winter. The average annual growth of vegetative nutrition was less than 4 leaves. Most of the wheat seedlings could not be tilled before winter. They should use Pu Shi and early Shi Ti Miao Fei to promote early and long growth of wheat seedlings. In the winter cold season, ammonium bicarbonate is released quickly, and fertilizer supply is rapid. See seedlings with 7.5~10 kg per acre, or apply urea with 4~5 kg per acre. Cold soaking fields and waterlogged fields combined with topdressing nitrogen fertilizer can supplement calcium superphosphate 10~15kg per acre to improve cold resistance and promote the growth of wheat seedlings.

After applying fertilizer, late-seeding wheat has weak cold resistance and is vulnerable to low-temperature freezing damage. The top-dressing wax can use the heat released from organic manure-based farmyard fertilizers to protect against cold and warm, and conditional application of manure or soil miscellaneous fertilizer per acre 1500 ~2000 kg, spread between wheat seedlings, or apply 8 to 10 kg of urea per acre, in addition to supplying a small amount of wheat seedlings to grow slowly in winter, it can also play the role of winter Shi Chun, promote the long roots of wheat, early return to green, Consolidate delivery before winter and promote spring delivery. Basal fertilizer can be adequately used to reduce the amount of wax fertilizer, to prevent late ineffective childbirth, the group is too large, resulting in long-distance between the internode and cause late lodging, unfavorable high-yield, stable production.

The use of green shoots to delay the sowing of wheat in the effective tillering period is 15 to 30 days longer than the appropriate sowing date. The appropriate amount of returning green manure is good for the early spring tillering. Therefore, for late-batch wheat fields with insufficient delivery, green manure can be applied from the end of February to the beginning of March, so that it can be used for wheat. Per acre can apply urea 3 ~ 5 kg or ammonium bicarbonate 10 ~ 15 kg, can also apply human urine water and fertilizer 500 ~ 750 kg. For wheat fields with severe defertilization and wheat seedlings with severe freezing injury, 15 kg of ammonium bicarbonate per mu or 100-150 ml of Huimanfeng Active Liquid Fertilizer can be sprayed on 40-50 kg of water. Phosphorus-deficient wheat fields are supplemented with 10-15 kg of superphosphate per acre. For wheat fields with fertile soil or at the end of the fertile feet, when the temperature is high and the sensation is full, early observations of late sown wheat are found. After spring, the application of topdressing should be controlled to prevent lodging at later stages.

Replanting jointing booting wheat Fertility jointing booting fertilizer refers to the fertilizer applied from jointing to the tip of the flag leaf. When joining joints such as base fertilizer and wax fertilizer application of less and late sowing of wheat fields, pay attention to heavy fertilizer, especially the joint development of the group when the lack of development, premature yellowing, leaves are thin and straight and other deferring performance, and more To timely fertilizer, fertilizer and water, apply 6 to 8 kg of urea per acre. When the jointing, the group is large, the leaves are dark green, the leaves are drape, and the leaf color of the small pod is long and the shade is thick. The seedlings should be properly controlled. If the leaf color does not turn thin, you do not need to apply it. Jointing fertilizer. In addition to the application of nitrogen fertilizer, jointing and booting stage should be appropriately increased potassium fertilizer, which is conducive to stalk enrichment, young panicle differentiation and development is good.

Increased foliar fertilizer to promote late sowing of wheat to compete for effective panicles and increase grain weight, from the heading of wheat to the milk ripening stage, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 100-150 g per mu, spraying 50-75 kg of water, can increase Grain number promotes early maturation and increases yield.

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