Anhui Zhangzhou Drug Market December 11th Bulletin Gallon market is currently mostly sold in small quantities. The market conditions have been running steadily in the near term. The current market price is about 26 yuan and the price is about 24 yuan.

Sunspot market sources of goods can be sold away, the market has been stable recently, the market is now about 13 yuan northeast of goods.

Huang Bo's recent market concerns are low, sources of goods sold slowly, Guan Huangbai at around 16 yuan, Chuan Huangbai with leather goods around 17 yuan, the market outlook will stabilize short-term.

The bergamot market has stabilized in recent days, and the supply trend is still not improving. The market operators have a strong mentality in selling. The market price in Guangdong is about 65 yuan, and that in Sichuan is about 61 yuan.

The market for Dazhongzi has recently risen slightly. There are commercial purchases and the market has been improved. The market is temporarily unstable and the market price is around RMB 25.

Attachment: Recently, the prices of Phellodendron Phellodendrons in various drug markets, prices fell slightly, Sichuan goods up and down 16 yuan. Anguo Pharmaceutical City 2011-11-21

Sichuan goods 17-18 yuan, the North Dynasty goods 13-14 yuan. Anguo Pharmaceutical City 2011-10-20

Prices fell slightly, Chuan Tong 16 yuan, Guan Huangbai 18 yuan. Zhangzhou Pharmaceutical City 2011-10-20

The market is stable, and the shipment of Kawasaki is 17-18 yuan. Yulin Pharmaceutical City 2011-10-14

Cork, market stability, EC goods 19-20 yuan. Yulin Pharmaceutical City 2011-09-19

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