The general layout of the cattle farm and the overall layout of the cowshed design are the locations of various cowsheds, milking parlors, feed areas (acquisition, processing, storage, supply of feed), excreta disposal areas and other ancillary buildings and facilities. The connection between each other should facilitate the most effective and economical operation of dairy cows in the future, and strive to reduce the walking distance of cattle, shorten the transportation distance of workers' operations and feeds, and avoid overlap and crossover of the excrement and the net road. Health and disease prevention, reduce feed and milk pollution.
In the design of the barn, the stray barn is a place where the cows eat, drink, rest and move.
Management and management of stalls The management of dairy farms is different from traditional husbandry. The managers, technicians and workers must have a modern awareness and confidence in the new breeding mode. It is necessary to establish a team of leaders and workers who know how to raise cattle and master mechanical operations. Then through rigorous labor mix and labor management, mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff to achieve the desired business objectives.
Feeding and management of stray flocks and keeping the tradition of individual fine distinctions and treatment, for the group to breed. Each breeder usually manages up to 100 cows, and the grouping and grouping of cows is an important part. The cows that are born and raised, cows with dry cows, high lactation, late lactation, and different stages of growth and development should be reasonably grouped and adjusted in time. Before the cows are grouped, basic work such as the determination of milk production and body condition assessment must be done. The size of each group should be compatible with the cowshed structure, milking equipment, etc.
Legshoe disease is generally considered to be one of the main diseases for feeding studs to dairy cows. As the cows have more walking opportunities, they have longer soaked excreta time and more leg and foot disease. According to the experience of Shanghai Spark Farm, the material of the cattle channel and the cattle bed should be made of soft and dry materials; the interval between the treatment of the excreta and urine in the cattle house should be 1 to 2 times a day depending on the circumstances; the regular medicinal bath in the hoofs, and the regular repair of the hoof shape In order to promptly treat hooves, taking the above measures can prevent foot and leg disease.
Under the flocks feeding conditions, the cows are free to stay up all night and there is no fixed bed, which brings certain difficulties to the estrus inspection. In addition to strengthening the responsibility of breeders and increasing the number of estrus observations, new technologies and new methods must be introduced. Foreign countries have adopted computer surveillance tracking cameras, with the test cattle, synchronous estrus technology.
Supporting Machinery and Machinery Management Fence feeding is a highly efficient modern production method. Dairy farms must be equipped with a series of mechanical equipment and must be supported by Jackie Chan in order to maximize the efficiency of mechanized production. This is an important guarantee for the success of stray bred feeding. In some domestic dairy farms, stunt feeding has poor results, and it is not unreasonable to insist on the use of mechanical equipment because of the lack of matching or performance. Some dairy farms use imported machinery and equipment, but they should also study the localization of spare parts as soon as possible so that they cannot be replaced when the spare parts are worn out.
Straw feeding dairy farms should be equipped with mechanical management and maintenance personnel. According to Shanghai's experience, placing mechanical maintenance personnel on part-time jobs in each operation group will have better results than setting up a separate mechanical repair department. One to avoid the operator's complete reliance on the mechanical repairman, the other is conducive to the daily maintenance and repair of equipment.

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