So far, there are only 400 kinds of microbial fertilizers that have been approved by the country, and more than 2,000 have actually been produced. Microbiological fertilizers sold on the market have been mixed. To protect the vital interests of farmers, they are choosing and applying them. Should pay attention to the following questions:
1. Failure to obtain the Ministry of Agriculture's registration certificate product cannot be purchased by the State. Microbial fertilizer must be inspected by the designated unit of the Ministry of Agriculture and a regular field test, which fully proves that its effectiveness, non-toxicity and harmlessness are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and registered, and it is issued to the provisional registration first. Certificate, after 3 years of practical application of the test and then issued a formal registration certificate, the official registration certificate is valid for 5 years. There is a possibility that there may be problems with the quality of microbiological fertilizers that have not obtained the registration certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture. Do not purchase or use them.
2. The number of microorganisms that cannot meet the standard number of viable bacteria can not be purchased. The number of viable bacteria in the country is ≥200 million/g (particles 100 million/g), and the number of effective microbial cells in the compound microbial fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer is ≥2000. Million/gram. If this standard is not met, it means that the product quality does not meet the requirements.
3. Microorganism Fertilizer with Storage Time Exceeding the Valid Period Do not use the current microbiological fertilizer effective bacteria that have survived for more than one year. Therefore, the purchased microbial fertilizer should be used as soon as possible, and the expired microbial fertilizer effect is definitely not good.
4, storage conditions and use methods must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of microbiological fertilizer to do a lot of live bacteria can not tolerate high and low temperature and strong light irradiation, intolerant of strong acid and alkali, can not be mixed with certain chemical fertilizers and fungicides, when using microbial fertilizers must be pressed Product specifications for scientific preservation and use.

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