There are two kinds of dead and dead seedlings: First, the cold and rainy days of the seedlings will last for a long time. Once the weather suddenly clears, the blue-green dead seedling (commonly known as bacterial wilt is a physiological disease) will appear quickly. The other species are pathogenic bacteria such as Fusarium graminearum, Fusarium oxysporum, Fusarium equiseti, and Rhizoctonia solani in the genus Rhizopus that have been wilted by low temperature conditions. Commonly known as blight is a fungal disease). The two are interrelated. Low-temperature rainfall, lack of light is an important factor that causes the occurrence of the disease, among which the greatest effect is the low temperature. In recent years, during the period of childbearing in our county, especially before and after the three-leaf stage, the seedlings were often attacked by low-temperature cold waves. At this time, as the nutrients in the seeds were exhausted, young roots of the young leaves were very weak, and the assimilation and absorption ability of the seedlings were also Very weak, cold resistance is also the worst, and the incidence is heavy. Strategy for prevention and control: The principle of "prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control" should be adhered to. Take cultivation measures combined with the prevention and control of the total prevention and control technology to control the occurrence of diseases. The occurrence of bacterial wilt is related to the acidity and alkalinity of the soil. The alkaline soil with high PH value is more prone to occur. Adjust the soil pH to about 5 before sowing, so as to improve the seedling quality, enhance the resistance to stress, and achieve the purpose of strengthening the earth. In the leveling of seedbeds, adequately cooked manure and compound fertilizers should also be applied. During the breeding period, attention should be paid to the heat preservation, and then the seedlings can be transplanted as early as possible when they are transplanted, so that the seedlings can leave the susceptible dryland environment. Chemical control: In the early onset, timely medication: 1、Sprinkle 75% of the enemy with 1000 times of enkeson, or 50% of dexamethasone 800 times, or 58% of metalaxyl 1500 times, 2-3 kg per square meter . 2, 3% of the evil. A liquid agent spray 600 times, and severely sprayed once every 5 days. 3, 70% blessing. Alkaline (Baufoss) WP 800 times.

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