The reporter learned from the National People's Congress yesterday that the National People's Congress Standing Committee's Food Safety Law Enforcement Inspection Group recently completed an inspection of various places. Recently, the second plenary session of the Law Enforcement Inspection Team was held in Beijing to sort out and analyze the problems found in the inspection. It is understood that due to technical limitations, 60% of food additives cannot be detected.

According to reports by CCTV, the Ministry of Health staff stated that the country must have a basis for the detection of any component. Using any detection method requires a number of experimental demonstrations. Finally, the testing method is included in national standards. However, the research process to determine the detection method is more complicated. It is understood that among the 2,200 kinds of food additives currently in China, there are nearly 40% of the total number of inspection standards. This means that 60% of food additives cannot be detected. (Reporter Sun Qian)

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