First, immunity is in place. All live pigs were vaccinated with a nationally approved inactivated vaccine for highly pathogenic PRRS. Under normal circumstances, commercial pigs are vaccinated once from the age of 23 days to 25 days. The gilts should be immunized once before breeding, and the boars should be immunized every 6 months. When an outbreak is found, emergency injections should be carried out.

The second is disinfection in place. Implement a strict disinfection system. Each week, the sheds, utensils and the surrounding environment were disinfected 2 to 3 times. The rural scattered rations were disinfected with disinfectant or lime water.

The third is closed in place. It is forbidden for the miscellaneous personnel to enter the pig barracks, the rearranging staff shall not string the posts, and no outside vehicles shall be allowed to enter the field area.

The fourth is forbidden. We will not be able to transfer piglets and fattened pigs to the affected areas and other places, and we will advocate "self-breeding and self-support" and "all-in, all-out" farming methods. Strengthen feeding and management and enhance the disease resistance of herds.

The fifth is isolation. Once the outbreak is found, isolate the sick pig immediately. Dispose of pigs and dead pigs in accordance with the “Four-in-one-treatment” provisions, ie, no slaughter, no transshipment, no sale, no consumption, use innocent treatment methods such as deep-buried pigs and dead pigs, and must not be left unattended. Pigs, dead pigs.

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Hearing Rehabilitation Equipment

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