Agricultural machinery accidents occur frequently, so agricultural machinery safety needs to be treated with caution. In order to ensure safety, agricultural machinery operations must master certain essentials. Take the combine harvester as an example. The following five points should be kept in mind: Prior to harvester operations, roads and fields shall be surveyed, and clear marks shall be placed on dangerous sections and obstacles. 2. When maintaining, overhauling and troubleshooting the harvester, it is necessary to cut off the power and carry it out after the engine is turned off. When carrying out mechanical maintenance or overhaul under the header, it is necessary to lift the header and secure it with a safety bracket or pad to confirm safety. Afterwards, use of open flame lighting is strictly forbidden at night when servicing machinery or adding fuel. 3. Always check if the seats and backrests of the food-receiving personnel are firm and reliable. 4. When the plots are transferred, the header is lifted to the highest position and locked. It is forbidden to use the header to move the cargo. 5. When unloading food, people are not allowed to enter the granary and are not allowed to use tools such as iron tools to reach into the granary. Grain-grippers are not allowed to reach into the ration.

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