Leaves flowers do not bloom, there are mainly the following reasons:

1, irrational fertilization. Long-term application of too much N fertilizer to leaf peanuts will lead to vegetative organs and lack of nutrients in reproductive organs, affecting flower bud differentiation, leading to no flowering. During the flower bud differentiation period, more phosphorus-containing fertilizers should be applied, and 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be applied once every 15 days.

2, excessive nutrient consumption. The high rate of flowering of the bougainvillea flowers, such as long-term disrepair, will cause the branches to be long and consume a lot of nutrients, which will not only damage the tree shape, but also affect flower bud differentiation. It is generally pruned twice a year. Once is combined with basin, cut off the base of dense branches, delicate branches, branches and branches and leggy branches. The remaining branches must be cut off. The other time, after the shoots grew, the dead shoots, the dense shoots and the inner litchi were cut off, and the horizontal branches only cut off the top part. During the growth of new shoots, the top shoots should be cut off in time to trigger new shoots to form more flower buds. If the room temperature in winter is too high, it will break the dormancy, and the premature leaves will not bloom.

3, inappropriate light temperature. The bougainvillea is native to tropical South America and is a strong, short-day positive plant. If long-term exposure to long-day conditions, flower buds can not be normalized, affecting Kaihua. The leaves of flowers are not tolerant to yin, like the warm and moist environmental conditions, and are extremely cold-tolerant. The temperature of the third-born is 20--30°C. If the room temperature is below 15°C during the winter season, it will be detrimental to your health.

Medical examination Nitrile  Glove 

1.Type:Powdered or Powdered free,hospital medical examination Nitrile Glove

2. Different colour :Blue ,pink,purple ,white,etc. 

3. Passed Certification: CE,FDA510K ,EN455,EN374,ISO9001,ISO13485 etc.


4.Medical grade,AQL:1.5,2.50,4.0 ;

5.Size: S,M,L,XL,XL etc. and weight as your requirement.

6.No latex and non sterile

7.Beaded cuff;sigle use only

8.Stretch ,soft and comfortable.

9.OEM or ODM packing.

10.usage widely for hospital medical examination,health care,hotel ,restaurant ,home cleaning etc

Medical Grade Nitrile Glove

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