Shuanghui’s resumption of resumption of trading in the “Clenbuterol” scandal led to a two-way low limit, and the price limit was just opened on Thursday but it was suspended again on Friday due to news that its previously released sales data was “surprisingly” good. It is because the company has concealed its key commitments. On Saturday, Shuanghui Development announced that the company did promise that 100% of the dealers could return the product and the loss was borne by Shuanghui.

>> Suspended license was questioned to conceal key commitments On April 19, Shuanghui Development made an announcement on the verification of lean meat fines and resumed trading. In the announcement, Shuanghui Development explained the current average daily shipments of fresh frozen products and meat products, which have been restored to 70% to 80% of the average daily shipments in the first half of March 2011; In the first half of March, 72% of the average day was recovered.

After two consecutive price stops, Shuanghui finally opened its daily limit on April 21st, slightly down 0.24% throughout the day. When the agencies and retail investors were ready to relax, a message on Friday took Shuanghui development to the forefront.

Reported: Shuanghui's cold meat in Shanghai is almost extinct, supermarket sales in Beijing have shrunk by 50%, sales in southern China have been chilly, and Shuanghui products in Chengdu have not yet reached shelves, sales of most dealers have fallen sharply, and there has been less decline. Then there are 50% and more than 80%. The reason why the announcement and reality are so different is that Shuanghui promises that products sold by dealers before May can be returned unconditionally, and the loss of returned products is not covered by the distributors.

It is because of Shuanghui’s commitment that the outsiders have questioned that the dealers do not take risks, so they can sell the goods without considering actual sales, and they have “surprisingly good” sales data in the previous 19th Announcement; Disclosures are sales data that conceal important commitments, and this information will also directly affect investors' investment decisions.

In response to the above news, on the morning of last Friday, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued an announcement again saying that due to media coverage of undisclosed information of Henan Shuanghui Investment Development Co., Ltd., the company will apply to the Shuanghui at 10:30 on April 22. The development will be temporarily suspended, and the company will resume trading after the relevant announcement is published.

>> Announcement 100% return commitment is indeed on the last Saturday, Shuanghui Development has finally released the latest announcement: March 23, 2011, at the National Distributors Conference held by Shuanghui Group, Shuanghui Group made a note, the production date is 2011 All Sun Hui meat products before May 1st of the year, all returned goods, 100% of Shuanghui assume.

The announcement also stated that on March 24th, Shuanghui Group issued a “notice” to further clarify the above explanation: from March 24 onwards, all products that were produced before May 1, 2011, but due to market slow sales will be returned. Regardless of whether it is expired or not, it will be borne by Shuanghui at 100%.

Although Shuanghui acknowledged concealing important commitments in the announcement, it did not explain the reasons for concealing this information, nor did it make clear whether it would be liable for misleading investors.

>> Analysis will directly affect investor decision-making Some analysts believe that precisely because Shuanghui previously disclosed sales data that concealed important commitments, this information will also directly affect investors’ investment decisions. In the case of relevant commitments, because the company saw a good recovery data and bought shares of Shuanghui, the dealers will be refunded, the recovery process will not reach the previous expectations, and the stock price will fall. Who will bear the losses of investors?

Data show that a total of 169 funds held a total of 216 million shares in Shuanghui last year. Shuanghui Development had three consecutive lows, and the losses of the fund companies exceeded RMB 5 billion. The most injured is the Xingye Global Fund, which holds the largest number of shares.

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