There is a wide variety of wines on the market today. Consumers are dazzled. How do you choose the right wine for yourself? According to Chinese medicine experts, there are several categories of pacifiers on the market:
1. Anti-rheumatic drug wine is used for patients with rheumatism. The famous prescriptions include rheumotherapy wine, chase wine, rheumatic bone disease wine and Wujiapi wine. Among those with milder symptoms, those who choose to use mildly papaya wine and nourishing wind wine, etc.; if they have been rheumatologist for many years, they may choose to use more virulent snake wine, three snake wine, or five snake wine.
2. Nourishing medicine wine is used for qi and blood loss, spleen weakness, liver and kidney yin deficiency, neurasthenia, mainly made of astragalus, ginseng, antler and so on. Famous prescriptions include schisandra wine, Bazhen wine, Shiquandabu wine, ginseng wine, and alcohol.
Moreover, long-term use of some wine can prevent diseases, such as the Chrysanthemum Festival drink chrysanthemum wine, anti-aging; summer drink bayberry wine, can prevent heat stroke; Changyinshan plant wine, can prevent high blood lipids, reduce arteriosclerosis; long-term use of five Gapi wine, ginseng wine can be strong bones, replenishing qi and blood, righting prevention and other diseases.
The use of tonic wine should also take into account the physical problems, body weight loss people, mostly biased blood deficiency, easy to catch fire, injury Jin, Yin Yin blood tonic should be selected. People who are physically obese are more likely to suffer from yang deficiency and are prone to phlegm and cold, and they should choose to make up their minds.
3, impotence type of wine for kidney yang deficiency, erectile dysfunction, mainly made of wolfberry, three whip and other. Well-known prescriptions include whip yang wine, epimedium, Qingsongling, lamb supplement, turtle age wine, ginseng ginseng and fur seal kidney wine.
4, blood circulation and silt wine for cold, stroke sequelae, prescriptions have national wine, Feng wine, etc.; for musculoskeletal injury, prescriptions have bruises, etc.; menstrual patients can be used Tiaojing wine, angelica wine and so on.
Although the wine is good, it is not suitable for everyone, and several precautions to take medicine wine:
1. Those who have taboos against alcohol can not take it, such as those who are allergic to alcohol, suffer from various skin diseases, liver and kidney diseases, after surgery, and peptic ulcer patients.
2. Pregnant and lactating women are not suitable for use.
3, fever patients should also be avoided.
4. Patients with bleeding disorders, respiratory diseases, high blood pressure, and various cancers are unfit for drinking.

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