Business Club May 12th, "We are the first domestic pharmaceutical equipment company, the industry is doing a good job, the issue price of 29.3 yuan / share, underestimated the value of Qianshan medicine machine." May 11, Qianshan medicine machine (300216) The listing price closed at 33.8 yuan per share on the first day, up 15.36%, but Chairman Liu Xianghua still had a slight regret.

Thousands of mountain medicine machine fundraising will be invested in three projects, including the automatic production line of plastic injections, automatic intelligent light detection machines and the construction of research and development centers. Analysts generally believe that as the first unit of domestic pharmaceutical equipment, Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery's products have been replacing imports. While leading domestic injection production equipment replacement, some product performance surpasses international counterparts.

Inventor Liu Xianghua

“I myself am an inventor.” Liu Xianghua always emphasized this in every road show for institutional investors.

In 2010, Changsha, Hunan Province ranked first in the provincial capital with 6,209 patent grants. Among them, Qianshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has become the champion of Hunan enterprises and national patent rankings in the same industry with 508 authorized quantities. Going back, Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery has been established since 2002 and has 781 patents.

Liu Xianghua spends a lot of time each year dealing with nurses because the injection work is ultimately done by nurses. Many inventions of Qianshan medicine machine are based on the purpose of reducing the labor intensity of nurses and improving the safety of nurses. "Only by reducing the labor intensity of nurses and protecting the safety of people's medications, can the injections of pharmaceutical factories be sold well, thereby promoting the demand of pharmaceutical factories for pharmaceutical equipment." This is Liu Xianghua's invention logic.

According to statistics, Qianshan Pharmaceutical has 2 research institutes and 12 specialized research labs, and has the only postdoctoral research station in the industry. The annual spending on R&D exceeds 5% of operating income. “The research and development work of Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery is in line with international trends. The invention results can be quickly transformed into products, and ultimately rely on cost-effective, forcing international competitors to retreat.” Liu Xianghua told reporters.

Plastic amphibious stealth champion

“The development trend of the injection industry is plastic bottles replacing glass bottles, plastic ampoules replacing glass ampoules, and Qianshan Pharmacy Machine as leading players, which will greatly benefit from this change.” Luo Yin, Chief Analyst of Shenyin Wanguo Pharmaceutical Industry commented in the report. .

In the field of large infusions, plastic packaging has basically completed the replacement of glass bottles. Qianshan Pharmaceutical has successively developed the first non-PVC membrane soft bag infusion production line and plastic bottle infusion production line. In 2010, the sales revenue of these two products was 130 million yuan, accounting for 77.6% of the total sales of Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery. 55% of gross profit.

Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery ranked first in the industry in the field of large infusion production lines. In 2010, 8 out of the top 10 large infusion pharmaceutical factories in China used Qianshan Pharmacy's production line. "The sales price of China's large infusions is much lower than the international average price, and both patients and nurses prefer large infusions, so there is still a large market for infusions," Liu Xianghua told reporters.

Ampoules, commonly known as small needles, are a widely used injection. In today's international market, plastic ampoules account for 70% of the market, but currently China's plastic ampoules account for only 1% of the market. "In the next five years, the annual average demand for automated production lines for plastic injections of ampoules will be about 216," Luo Yu predicted in the report.

This reporter learned that, including Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery, there are currently only three companies in the world that have automated production lines for plastic ampoules. Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery is the only company in China. At present, its plastic Ampoule Line has signed multiple supply contracts, with a single sale price of about 5 million. The price/performance ratio is much higher than that of similar products in foreign countries, which makes it attractive for pharmaceutical plants.

According to the current sales price of Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery, the market capacity of the automatic production line of plastic ampules is approximately RMB 1.1 billion per year, and is approximately RMB 5.5 billion in the next five years. With its technical advantage, Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery will repeat its championship miracle in the field of large infusions to create a plastic ampule production line champion.

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