(Reporter/Ou Zhikui's correspondent/Yue Zhixuan) “Manufacturers that have obtained dairy production licenses are prohibited from evading supervision by contracting, subcontracting, or renting dairy product manufacturing companies.” Yesterday, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau organized 37 provinces within the province. Dairy enterprises have implemented 14 symposiums on the responsibility of food quality and safety subjects, and at the same time emphasized to the participating dairy enterprises that they should regulate the use of food additives.

The author learned from the meeting that infant milk powder production enterprises should ensure that the infants and young children have the nutrients needed for their growth and development, and must not add any substances that may harm the health and growth of infants and children. It is reported that this is the first food quality and safety promotion meeting held by the provincial quality supervision institute after the reimbursement of the dairy enterprises in our province.

The relevant person in charge of the provincial quality supervision department further explained that if a milk company wants to introduce new products and add new substances to the infant formula milk powder, the new substance must first be reported to the Ministry of Health and allowed to be added after the Ministry of Health has passed a risk assessment.

The quality supervision department also emphasizes that if a dairy product manufacturer finds that the produced dairy products do not comply with the national standards for dairy product quality and safety, or endangers human health and life safety, or may endanger the health or growth of infants and young children, they should stop production immediately and report the relevant supervisors. The department informs the seller, the consumer, and immediately recalls it.

It is reported that during the re-review of the National Dairy Product Manufacturing Permit, the milk rate of Guangdong reached 70%, which is much higher than the national average pass rate of 55%. According to the provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision, before the melamine incident in 2008, there were a total of 64 dairy enterprises in Guangdong Province. Later, with the development of the market and the strict supervision of the dairy industry in China, some dairy enterprises have withdrawn from the market. Last year, there were 51 milk companies included in the re-review, but only 46 of them actually had normal production. Of the “reviews” that were re-examined, only 36 had successfully passed the “clearance examination.” “One more is the newly established Mengniu Dairy. The Qingyuan company has passed a re-audit.” Lai Tiansheng, director of the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, pointed out that China’s re-examination of milk production licenses in this round will promote the reintegration of dairy products and promote China’s dairy industry towards standardization and scale. In the direction of modernization and modernization.

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