Gem Biogas Fermentation Advantages

Jinbao Biogas Fermentation Aid is a biogas fermentation auxiliaries for the phenomenon of not producing gas, low gas production rate, and slow gas production during the biogas fermentation process. It has been developed using the latest results of the international microbiological engineering technology and its process flow of the United States, Japan and South Korea. A biogas production-promoting additive has the characteristics of accelerating temperature-raising fermentation, multiplying gas production rate and gas production speed, and is welcomed by users at home and abroad. Jinbao Biogas Fermentation Aid contains the nutrients and trace elements required for the growth and reproduction of methanogens. The use of trace elements in them effectively stimulates methanogens and promotes their rapid propagation. At the same time, they increase the activity of enzymes and speed up the reaction of enzymes, accelerating cellulose. The process of degradation and decomposition of macromolecular compounds; the use of nutrients necessary for the propagation of the bacteria added in the product to better grow the bacteria species; the use of a mixture of adsorbents to increase the contact area between the bacteria and the raw materials, and the use of adsorption The heat raises the temperature for methanogens and increases the heat, so that the biogas digesters can produce gas quickly.

The dosage is calculated by adding 200-250 grams of Gum Biogas fermentation aid per cubic meter of digester. The basic amount of fermentation tanks with a volume of 4 cubic meters, 6 cubic meters, 8 cubic meters, and 10 cubic meters is roughly 2 bags, 3 bags, 4 bags and 5 bags. Note that when the new pool is in use, mix the raw materials and Gambo Biogas Fermentation Aid uniformly into the pool; when the old pool is in use, remove the biogas slurry from the discharge port to flush the Gum Biogas fermentation aid from the feed inlet into the pool. Repeat several times to try to mix evenly. The new pool can reduce the start-up time by more than half, and the old pool can greatly increase the gas production and gas production rate. Under normal circumstances, the material in the tank can quickly produce gas by adding the fermentation auxiliaries. If there is no increase or little change in the production gas within one week after adding the fermentation auxiliaries, you can first check whether the mixture of the fermentation auxiliaries is even and can be repeatedly injected into the material inlet. Into the biogas slurry, to ensure that evenly mixed into the pool of materials; Second, check for leaks, and take appropriate measures to plug.

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