Release date: 2010-08-23

Business News August 20th Many people carry tuberculosis that can cause tuberculosis, but only some people eventually develop the disease. According to a new international study, a new blood test technique can find out which carriers are eventually ill.
The new issue of the British magazine Nature reported that researchers in the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa have developed such testing techniques. According to reports, about one-third of the world's people are exposed to or infected with tuberculosis, but only 10% of the carriers of the disease will develop the disease. The researchers found that the genes of the affected person have a characteristic of activity. Unlike the analysis of genetic maps, gene activity is not concerned with which genes exist, but which genes are at work.
The researchers extracted dozens of M. tuberculosis carriers and blood samples from existing patients, using the above-mentioned gene activity characteristics to compare and infer which of them have developed disease. The results show that the results judged by using this technology are in good agreement with the actual situation.
Anne Ogara, a member of the National Institute of Medical Research under the British Medical Research Council, led the study. She said that although the previous technology can detect who carried M. tuberculosis, it is difficult to determine which carriers will develop the disease. The research results will help identify high-risk groups that will develop the disease, so that they can be treated in a concentrated manner to avoid the dispersion of medical resources.

Source: Xinhuanet


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