In a direct sense, foods that do not cause any harm to human health during long-term consumption are called pollution-free foods; and pollution-free foods in a broad sense include organic foods, natural foods, ecological foods, green foods, and non-pollution foods.

The pollution-free food that China now refers to is not a pollution-free food in a broad sense, but specifically refers to the production environment, production process and final product conforms to pollution-free food standards and norms, and is certified by a specialized agency to permit the use of foods that are free from pollution-free agricultural product identification. . In the production of such products, limited quantities, limited varieties, and limited time use of synthetically produced safe chemical pesticides, veterinary drugs, fishery medicines, fertilizers, and feed additives are all allowed. These foods meet national food hygiene standards and are wider than green food standards.

Food, oil, vegetables, fruit, honey, tea, edible fungi, aquatic products, livestock and poultry products, forest products and other edible agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fishery products and their primary processed products can all be applied for pollution-free food; reaching a certain scale of production Can apply for pollution-free food production base.

The main difference between the pollution-free food product standard and the green food product standard is: the health indicators of the two are very different, and the health indicators of green food products are obviously stricter than the health indicators of pollution-free food products. Taking cucumber as an example: 11 hygiene items for pollution-free foods, and 18 hygiene items for cucumbers for green foods; cucumber hygiene requirements for pollution-free foods ≤ 0.2 mg/kg for dichlorvos, and cucumbers for green foods ≤ 0.1 mg/kg for dichlorvos. In addition, green food vegetables also specify specific requirements for sensory and nutritional indicators, but no pollution-free vegetables. Green food has general guidelines for packaging and no pollution-free food.

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