One pair of material pigeons, rice wine, onion chips, celery crumbs, sugar 1 tbsp each, ginger crumbs, garlic crumbs 1 tsp each, soy sauce big spoons, vinegar 2 tbsp, salad oil 1000 g. Method 1 pair of pigeons (1000 grams), remove hair and internal organs, scald with hot water until the color is picked up and drained, coated with 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of rice wine, place for 20 minutes. The above material was blended into a sauce, and a large pot was used to inject a sufficient amount of oil. The pigeons were deep-fried with slow fire, and the spoons were continuously poured on the pigeons. The fried pigeons were cut into rows and poured. On the sauce, the dish can also be arranged on a variety of fruit decoration Serve. Qian'an City Agricultural Information Center

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