Golden pheasant, also known as golden chicken, is a specialty of China. The golden pheasant rooster is about 1 meter long and has a golden upper body. The crown of gold-colored filaments on the head covered the neck, and the face, gills and throat were rust-gold; the upper back was dark green, the feathers were black, and the other parts were golden yellow, and the plumes of each feather were scattered. The central tail feathers are dark brown and covered with orange spots. The lower body is dark red below the throat, hence the name "red belly." The hens are about 70 cm in length, brown and brown in the upper body and tail, mixed with dark spots, brown and dark spots on the chest, naked eyes and mouth, blemishes are nearly yellow.

Golden pheasant has strong natural ecological adaptability, and it has certain resistance to the harsh environment in nature. It can resist the severe cold of -17°C, running, searching for and inhabiting in the snowy, bitter snow, and snow without chills. The performance is not only that, but it can also adapt to the high temperature environment above 35°C without affecting its normal activities, growth and reproduction. Golden pheasant pheasants are omnivorous birds that feed on the stems, leaves, flowers, buds, seeds, fruits, and insects of various plants. From childhood, the golden pheasant that grew up by hand was docile, and the owner called and called, and even followed the request for food.

The golden pheasant male broiler chicken is older than 10 months old and weighs 0.58-0.75 kg. There is a courtship behavior at age 1. The female chicken has a body weight of 0.55-0.67 kg and has reproductive ability after 1 year of age. Golden pheasant is not only a rare ornamental bird in the world, but also a rare wild game. It also has high medicinal value. Its whole body can be used medicinally, has the function of stopping bleeding and detoxifying, indicating blood stasis, acne, swelling and so on. The decorative handicrafts and specimens produced by it have enjoyed a long-standing reputation in the international market. Its meat is tender and delicious, and it is rarely listed in the domestic market. It is a rising star in the special poultry breeding industry. The price of each golden pheasant in coastal cities reaches 200 -300 yuan. With the improvement of the people's living standards and the increase in the demand for game meat in the catering industry, the development of golden pheasant breeding will be another new item in the special poultry breeding industry.

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