Release date: 2010-04-09

Mitsui Chemicals Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Beili University to develop a new type of bactericidal film. Its special feature is its production. The researchers used a method called "plating gas" to coat the surface of the resin film with a thin layer of copper alloy, so that the film has a bactericidal effect.

The term "plating gas" refers to heating a metal in a vacuum, causing it to melt and disperse and adhere to the surface of the object. Mitsui Chemicals Co., Ltd. announced on the 5th that the researchers have successfully applied a 10 nm to 100 nm thick copper alloy to the resin film through the "gas plating" method. The experiment found that several common pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus were placed on the film, and almost all of them died after 2 hours. This film also has a certain killing effect on influenza virus and Escherichia coli.

According to the researchers, copper is a bactericidal metal material. Compared with silver, which has the same bactericidal effect, copper can be sterilized without being affected by temperature and humidity. This copper alloy based bactericidal film can be applied to hospital handrails and kitchen utensils in restaurants. Mitsui Chemicals said it will try to apply it to home appliances such as refrigerators.

(Source: Health News)

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