Source: Rural Farming Technical Responsibility Editor: Zheng Kai Shell is the shell of various foods left by farmers after harvesting crops. In the winter and spring, some farmers use these clams as firewood; others just let their mildew rot, which is a pity. Because these clams are good feed for livestock (cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, etc.). The nutritional value of this kind of feed is much higher than the straw of the same kind of crops. After being processed and processed, the livestock are very fond of eating, which can save a lot of fine material, reduce the cost of raising, increase economic income, and turn waste into treasure. The method of modulation and processing is described as follows:
1. First pick out the stones, then sieve out the soil and sand, or rinse with clean water and dry. Clam shells with sediment and impurities eat diseases that cause digestive tract easily.
2. Larger shells (eg, sorghum caps, peanut shells, lobster pods, etc.), crushed after drying, or beaten with a pulverizer, and added with oil cakes (bean cakes, peanut cakes, cottonseed cakes, etc.) Feed, feed pigs or other livestock are all good, livestock not only love to eat, but also eat faster.
3. Small batch shells (such as: chaff, sorghum shells, glutinous rice, etc.), dried and then fired again, the color is slightly yellow, and can be fed into chopped dry grass or silage. , The sweet food of the livestock can also prevent its belly cool and diarrhea. Information Officer: Liaoning Provincial Animal Health Supervision Bureau Wang Yunyang

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