Release date: 2010-03-26

According to US media reports, a medical device company in the United States has recently developed a new type of diabetes treatment device, the implanted intestine (trade name Endo Barrier). This product is a flexible film type intestine sleeve made of bioplastics. The doctor needs to insert it into the patient's small intestine with a bowel endoscope and keep it close to the intestinal wall. Its working principle is: reduce the absorption of glucose and fat globules in the small intestine, so that the patient's weight loss and blood sugar level decrease.

Clinical trials in countries such as the Netherlands have shown that obese patients with type 2 diabetes can lose 5 kilograms in weight within a few weeks after implantation of the new product through colonoscopy. The most obvious benefit is that after the patient is implanted, the postprandial blood glucose level can be controlled within a reasonable range. According to the manufacturer, this product, which helps patients lose weight and control postprandial blood glucose, is priced at $2,000 each (including surgery). It takes only 15 minutes to use the colonoscopy and there is no need for surgery.

(Source: Kexun)

The jiangxi institute has sister company in Gaotai, Gansu province (northwest of China) which has a horse ranch feeding over 3000 pieces horses to provide sustainable equine antisera.  The Gaotai horse  ranch carries out strict SOP in horse selecting, horse inspection, horse management, etc. The horse plasma is collected by an individual apheresis machine which can return the red bloodcell to the horse to keep the horse not anemia.

What we put into market now are tetanus antisera and PMSG API. We are also willing to customize other kind antisera for other diseases or purposes, such as anti snake venom sera, etc.

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