Scientific name Chi10 sacchariphagus Bjojer Synonyms venosatμm (Walker). Lepidoptera, Acrididae. The alias is high-profile. Distributed in South China, East China, North China and Northeast China.

In addition to sugar cane, the host also harmed sorghum, corn, millet, and hemp.

Injury features Newly hatched larvae injure sugarcane heart and leaves, and the victim leaves have horizontal holes and a layer of transparent epidermis, known as the "flower leaf stage." Larvae in the heart of the leaves 10 to 14 days, after the third age dispersion, from the leaf sheath space invade the cane stems.

For morphological characteristics, see A pest of arid food crop pests.

Life habits sugarcane cultivation area Sugarcane oysters 4 to 5 generations old, mature larvae on the inside of leaf sheath scab or overwintering in the cane stem. In the first half of March, the first generation of adults in Guangdong began to see, dry heart seedlings appeared in mid-April to mid-May, the second generation of adults was in the middle of May, and the dead heart seedlings appeared in late May to June. The second generation has a large number and is the main damage generation with a high damage rate. Adults lay their eggs on the surface of sugarcane leaves. Newly hatched larvae prefer to cluster, first destroying the leaves for 10 to 14 days, and then drilling into cane stalks at the third instar.

Control methods (1) After the harvest of sugar cane, the stubble and dead leaves should be cleared and composted or burned before the end of February of the following year. Do not stay in a sugarcane field and plow the cane head and burn it in place. (2) Spray 70% crystal trichlorfon 800 times or 50% killer pine oil 1000 times, 25% imthiophorus EC 500 times, and 50 times before the first incubating period of the first and second generations. % Kradandan WP 1000 times. (3) Trichogramma is released when the lice eggs increase; 10,000 heads per 667m2, once every 7-10 days, and 2 to 3 consecutive times. (4) remove the dead heart seedlings found in the timely removal of dead heart seedlings, and then use crude wire from the bell mouth to the head of the cane seedlings after a few injections into the 90% crystal trichlorfon 800 times. (5) In order to kill the larvae in the mosaic leaves or to remove the shoots manually, the pods are to be used in the mosaic stage. (6) Each 667m2 with 3% carbofuran granules 3-4kg or 3% furacarb granules 5kg, applied to the rhizosphere of the sugarcane base at the sowing date or 15-20 days before the occurrence of pests, and then cover the soil.

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