The scientific name is Ostrinia furnacalis (Guenee) Lepidoptera, Gnatidae. Distribution is widely distributed in the country, except in Tibet, all other provinces and regions have.

The host disinfected the corn and damaged the corn, but also harmed sugarcane, sorghum, millet, cotton, hemp, and beans.

Damage characteristics of corn borer is the second generation of sugarcane damage, that is, sugarcane growth from July to September, after suffering from corn borer damage, the formation of dry sugar or sugarcane knots, easily lead to windbreak, reduce production.

For morphological characteristics, see Asian corn borer in cotton fields.

Life habits occur in the south and north of China for 1 to 6 generations. The last generation larvae live in winter in corn, sorghum and millet stalks. After the Luochun larvae are larvae and eclosion, the adults fly to dense fields to lay eggs. Many eggs are produced on the back of leaves. At the midrib, second-generation larvae injure sugar cane.

Prevention and control methods (1) After the autumn harvest and before the adult emergence of the corn borer, collect the residual stems of the sugarcane and the corn stems to compost or burn them as fuel. (2) In the incubation period of corn borer larvae, sprinkle 50% Dimethoate EC 1000 times on sugarcane plants in time. (3) After the discovery of corn quail eggs to the egg incubation period, Trichogramma bees were released in batches or sprayed with Bacillus spp., Bacillus spp., Bacillus thuringiensis, etc. in the low-instar larvae. The specific practice is shown in the Asian corn borer in the cotton field of this book.

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