The symptoms are also called blight. The main damage leaves and leaf sheaths. The leaves were infected with primary light red spots, and the small spots expanded along the leaf veins toward both ends to form a spindle-shaped spot. The center often had reddish-brown invading small spots. Sugarcane species with different lesions are red, yellow, yellow brown, reddish brown and many other. The lesions are 3 to 10 mm long and 2 to 4 mm wide. Sometimes the stripes merge into a ribbon. There is often a narrow green strip in the ribbon. Heavy disease, disease leaves Wu Hong brown dead. Black spots appear at the edges of the late lesions, which are the sub-capsules of the pathogen. Leaf sheath infections also produce purple-red lesions.

Pathogen Leptosphaeria taiwanensis Yen et Chi said that Taiwan's small ball cavity, is a fungus Ascomycotina. The seats are buried in the diseased leaf tissue, round to oval, dark brown, size 114 ~ 16297 ~ 114 (μm). Ovule oval, straight or slightly curved, transparent, containing 8 ascospores. Ascospores are long ellipsoidal, slightly curved, with 3 to 4 septa, dark brown at maturity, size 39 to 466.6 to 12.5 (μm). The anamorphic state is Cercospora taiwanensis Met et Yam called Taiwan spores, belonging to the semi-known fungi Asymptomatic fungus. Conidial stems or geniculate bent. Conidia linear, translucent or transparent, with 3 to 5 to 9 to 15 membranes, size 120 to 2002.5 (μm). The optimum temperature for the growth of the bacteria is 25-30°C.

Transmission routes and pathogenic conditions The pathogenic bacteria pass through the ascus capsule and conidia on the leaves of dead leaves, release ascospores or conidia in contact with water, and transmit the invading strains through air flow. Conidia are the main source of infection in this disease, and they invade from stomata after germination, with an endurance period of about 14 days. The incidence in heavy rains is heavy.

Control methods (1) selection of disease-resistant varieties. (2) Drain the water immediately after rain to prevent moisture from staying. (3) Begin spraying 50% benomyl WP 1000-1200 times or 36% thiophanate-methyl suspension 600 times.

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