The original self-cleaning anti-clogging heat energy collector of the original sewage source is applied to the urban primary sewage source heat pump system, and its function is equivalent to the sewage anti-resistance machine + sewage special heat exchanger. It is a new research and development independently developed by Beijing Ruibaoli Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. product.

The original self-cleaning anti-clogging heat energy collector of the original sewage source has the advantages of compact structure, high heat exchange efficiency, anti-blocking, intelligent self-cleaning and the like.


1. The raw sewage can directly enter the equipment and the intermediate water for non-blocking and efficient heat exchange.

2. Compact structure and space saving.

3, convenient maintenance, intelligent detection, automatic cleaning of the heat transfer surface.

4. Intelligent control, collecting and storing operational data, control operation status, and fault alarm analysis.

The key technology of this equipment is to achieve continuous heat transfer without clogging, and successfully solve the problem of blockage and pollution of heat exchanger equipment and pipelines due to poor water quality. In addition, the special process design of the original sewage source heat pump intelligent collection equipment effectively solves the problem of large sewage viscosity and low heat transfer coefficient; selecting different materials according to different water quality improves the service life of the equipment and solves the problems of cleaning and maintenance.

At present, the application of this technology has spread throughout Beijing, Shandong, Shanxi, Guangxi, Dalian, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, etc., and many practices have proved that the original sewage source thermal energy collection equipment has the following characteristics:

1. Environmental protection and no pollution. In the heating and cooling, the boiler system is omitted, there is no combustion process, and the smoke pollution is avoided; the cooling tower system is omitted, the noise and mold pollution of the cooling tower are avoided, and the environment is more clean and beautiful.

2. Save investment and long life. A system to solve the supply of heating and cooling and domestic hot water, simple installation, saving investment costs, operating life of more than 20 years.

3. High efficiency and energy saving. The electric energy input by heating and cooling can get about 4KW of heat or cold energy at 1KW. Energy efficiency is much higher than other forms of central air conditioning systems.

4, a wide range of applications. In addition to extracting energy from soil or groundwater, water source heat pump units can also extract energy from industrial wastewater, sewage, water, lake water and seawater, and are widely used in civil heating and cooling, industrial refrigeration, refrigeration, cooling, heating, etc. It saves a lot of heating, heating and cooling energy.

5, the operation is stable and safe. The raw sewage source heat energy collecting equipment extracts energy from a relatively constant temperature water source, which is equivalent to driving the automobile on the highway at an economical speed, which is stable and safe, and has a low failure rate.

6: Save operating costs. The main feature of this system is energy saving and emission reduction, using renewable energy. Whether in winter or summer, the operating cost is only 1/2-1/3 of the traditional cooling system. It is an ideal heating and cooling equipment.

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