Burdock tobacco 150 grams, 500 grams of sesame oil, rub with the heat of the affected area with the stew, or 1 part of the bone (or leaves), 20 parts of water, cook for 1 hour, even rub the affected area with the slag, the burdock will automatically fall off.

Two packs of cigarettes with good belly swell and 500 grams of sesame oil are used to smash the cut tobacco.

Take 750 grams of tobacco leaves and mash them. Add 5 kg of warm water at 30°C to soak for 48 hours. Use gauze to filter out the sap. Then wipe the affected area with warm water and remove the scab. Then use a clean brush to brush the water repeatedly. The affected area is once every 10 days.

The eye filariasis removes the black ointment from the stem rod and releases it in the ratio of 1-3 after adding fresh water and dropping it into the bull's eye.

A swollen poisonous fresh tobacco leaf, smashed coated and fixed after the bandage, swollen poison can be subsided.

A cold, dry and old leaf was lit and placed 30 centimeters under the nose of the diseased cow and smoked until it sneezes and shed tears.

Stomach disease tobacco leaves 50 grams, water 1000 grams, the decoction stirs the fodder to feed the cow, has the excitatory rumination effect, has the very good curative effect to the disease and so on the stomach relaxation.

The locusts will knead the fresh tobacco leaves (dry goods need to be wet for half an hour) into the anus of the cattle and kill the worms.

10 grams of tobacco leaf pests, water, 100 grams of water, decoction washing bull's eye, 3 days once, 3-5 times to cure.

One gram of 50 grams of trematodes, betel nuts, 80 grams of pomegranate root bark, tobacco leaves 30 grams, decoction, empty stomach.

Cassava leaves 250 grams of toxic tobacco leaves, boiled water, a yellow bowl of water orally, the effect is significant.

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